There have been several Tiger 900 (all models) reports regarding failed/cracked frames and subframes. Triumph has recently announced that they do not warranty any of these cases if aftermarket products have been installed. By releasing this disclaimer we state that we do not take any responsibilities for frame and subframe failures either or any other damages, nor do we issue refunds on any of our Tiger 900 (all models) products.

For further information, please keep reading our ‘Product Disclaimer‘ below and our general ‘Site Disclaimerhere.


At Outback Motortek, we work extremely hard to provide you with the best possible adventure and dualsport motorcycle protection on the market. Our crash bars/skid plates are designed and real-life (drop and drag) tested to offer maximum protection in the widest possible range of crash scenarios.

Our products can increase the protection for the fuel tank, fairing/panels and other potentially exposed components of your motorcycle. Every design, shape and structure is custom made for each individual motorcycle model.

The materials are carefully mounted to absorb as much impact as possible without transferring it to the frame nor any other parts of the motorcycle.

Please note: Due to the multitude of different possible crashes, surface conditions and obstacles, our products might not be infallible to them all.


Due to the various stages and factors involved in the manufacturing process of our products, a tolerance has been established (a small boundary for an acceptable build). This variant exists on all machine built products, which also include your motorcycle frame, parts, etc.

For this reason, we can and will guarantee a proper function of our products, but installation and looks (perfect symmetry, etc.) might vary slightly from product to product, motorcycle to motorcycle and customer to customer, without affecting its performance.


Important product notes to consider:

  • Unless otherwise specified on each product page, we can only guarantee fitment of our products with the OEM specifications of your motorcycle and between our own products. This is specifically the case with Outback Motortek parts and other protection parts made by different after market manufacturers.
  • The same rule applies to our products and any other third-party motorcycle products like exhausts and headers, suspensions, tail tidies, higher or larger seats, extra parts and accessories, or anything else that might change the standard characteristics and shape of the bike.
  • We do not recommend mounting top (hard) cases on our rear racks. Maximum total weight is approximately 8kg /18lbs. Pay attention to the load distribution and frequently inspect the rack, its mounting system and hardware. 


Thank you for your understanding,
The Outback Motortek Team